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Be the very first to get your own signed copy of “The Return to Sender Files”, the fourth novel in the current Will James Mystery series, scheduled for release early spring 2018!

Here are four possible cover designs for this new novel…





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Today virtually all important aspects of our life is controlled… or at the very least, monitored by a series of computers.  From banking to shopping to power to the most intimate communications.  In this novel, Will James, the resourceful investigator and his crew learn how easy it would be for a handful of evil doers to use our computers as a tool to bring evry one of us to our knees.  In “The Return to Sender Files”, James must help solve a series of cyber crimes and catch a cyber criminal before he or she destroys the world, as we know it. 

There are four different cover graphics proposed for this novel.  Tell us which is your favorite and why in 300 words or less.  Every entry will be read by the author and the five most original responses will win a personally autographed copy of this novel before worldwide distribution.

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The top 5 winning entries will each win an autographed copy of the new book in advance of the full distribution.

My very first Podcast…..

I did my very first Podcast today with Delilah Jones, of ImaginePublicity.  Delilah is a wonderful host; she made it feel as comfortable as a late morning kitchen table conversation with a neighbor over a warm cup of tea.

Delilah asked me about the “back stories” of my books and some of the characters within the Will James Mystery series.  Hopefully, this broadcast will allow new readers to discover my writing and enable existing readers learn a bit more about me and the books they already purchased.

I understand that Podcasting, or as some refer to it, internet radio, has a worldwide reach.  Greetings and holiday cheer to all who listen to some portions or the entire broadcast.

For those interested in listening to the entire Podcast you can listen from the player below, just click to listen. I would love to hear your comments.  Please feel free to send them to my website or directly to me at my personal e-mail address:

Martin Herman author interview

 My new book, The Sweet Revenge Files, contains your stories! Characters were drawn from those of you who filled out slips to Become Immortal. Complete the form to the right below for your chance to win! And see my special offer in the Bookstore.

  • Stella Zimmer is a nine year old girl with a massive range of interests and accomplishments, even at such a young age.  With musical preferences ranging from The Eagles and The Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa and Led Zeppelin to The Beatles and the Steve Miller Band.  More than just a fan and consumer of music, she is also a performer, playing the saxophone and guitar in her school band.

    Stella is also a student of Tae Kwan Do and skilled at Skiing, Swimming, Sailing, Diving, Fishing, Hunting, Bike riding, Roller Skating, Golf, Dodge Ball, and extremely accurate with a pellet gun.  She is currently learning Spanish and German.   In addition, Stella helps to care for a few pets… a cat named Simon Goldfinger, a dog named Archie, a goat named Gerty, and a sheep named Mama.  (Stella lives on a family farm.)  I wound up including her brother and parents in the story line.
  • Niko Poulakis, also very young, just a week after his name was drawn Niko celebrated his 11th birthday.  Niko’s activities include a love for animals.  He told me that one of the jobs he would like to have when he grows up is zookeeper.  He is currently active in his area’s 4H club.  Like Mason Zimmer, Niko is also learning to read and speak Spanish. 

Upcoming Books

Now You Have the Opportunity to Be a Character in My Collection of Love Stories!

I am currently writing a book with my daughter, Aimee, due out before the end of this year.  Aimee is a college level English Professor during the day and a poet and writer and performer at night.  The book will be a selection of never before published short stories, essays, and poems about love and relationships – those that have lasted through the years… or went terribly wrong… or ones which might have been but didn’t because of someone(s) or something(s) that got in the way.   
Although this is a departure from the series of mysteries I have been writing in recent years it is along the lines of many of the short stories I have written in the past under a series of pen names.
 I have drawn two names from those who entered my “Be a character in one of my future novels” contest.  Would you like me to consider your love story in this upcoming collection?  I will choose up to 14 additional followers – to be one of the 14 all you have to do is…
  • On separate pieces of paper, I would like you and your partner to give your responses to the following questions.  Please do not show each other your responses – at least until each of you have completed your own responses.
  • Then, as a couple, answer the same questions together without referencing what you just did independently.
  • Send me all three sets of responses.
As much as possible I would like to use your own words to shape the chapter.
If you are interested, please send me the responses at your earliest opportunity.

How did you meet?

How old were you when you first met?

How old was your partner when you first met?
Briefly, how did you meet?
What was your first impression of your partner?
What strengths and weaknesses did you first notice?
What was your first small disagreement about?
How long into the relationship did the above occur?
What was your first major disagreement about?
How long into the relationship did the above occur?
To what do you credit the length of your relationship?
In your opinion, what do you think your relationship has that others seem to lack?
If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?
Would you be willing to share one or two highlights from this relationship?
Would you be willing to share one or two low points from this relationship?
If I include a chapter about your love story in the new book what title would you give that chapter?
If I include a chapter about your love story in the new book would you prefer that I use your names or fictitious names for your characters?
Briefly, how would you describe the love story of your parents?
What additional questions do you think I should have asked in order to be able to better tell your story?
How, if at all, do you think your answers would have differed from the ones you give today if you were responding the morning after your first date?
Additional comments: What additional information would you like to share to help me and the ultimate reader understand what you believe makes a longer lasting relationship.

    *     *     *     *     *

I’ve  finished writing my third thriller, “The Sweet Revenge Files.” I’ve got a special pre-publication offer – see the details in the Bookstore.

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” – Confucius

In “The Sweet Revenge Files”, the latest in the current series of Will James Mysteries, the resourceful data breach, quick-witted investigator and his crew chase after three different, seemingly unrelated killers each seeking revenge and all but obsessed by a need to dramatically settle old scores –

  • A television preacher who claims to be doing God’s work by ridding the land of sinners… transgressors… non believers… but whose real driving force is to enrich herself and settle old scores regardless of the death and destruction left in her wake…
  • An art dealer with a dark and well hidden past as well as all of the resources necessary for getting what he wants regardless of who or what he destroys in the process…
  • A former KGB contract killer on a lifelong search for payback from the person who made it more challenging for him to ever rape another woman after he raped her…

Each of these criminals seems to be willing and able to do whatever it takes to get their revenge even though such an all consuming goal can and does threaten their own survival.

If you think you know how it will all end, guess again.  Guaranteed, you will be wrong – so very, very wrong – because in a Will James Mystery things are very rarely as they first appear.

As with every Will James Mystery; you are about to be strapped into a roller coaster with no end in sight.  You will feel as if you are moving in various directions at the same time but will refuse to get off until the very end.


I’ve been signing books all over New England for the past year and have met thousands of readers eager for the latest in historical fiction.


Hope to see you at an upcoming signing!

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