The Jefferson Files

The Jefferson Files – the expanded edition

The Will James Mystery Series (Volume 1)

It is 1806; a powerful and criminal secret society has almost complete control over many of the elected officials, international finance, and commerce in the young nation. Its leaders arrange for a dissident to be brutally murdered and left floating in the Potomac River so that the body surfaces within clear site of Thomas Jefferson’s White House.

This criminal act is intended to send a message to the President and all those around him: ‘the society’s power should know no limit – elected officials – including the president – must acknowledge and support us, allow us to do whatever we want, when and wherever we choose, or suffer the consequences’.



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A Real Page-Turner!

“Well written books leave you with memorable characters you don’t soon forget. For me those characters were Will James, a notorious hacker with so much self confidence he makes Bill Clinton seem unsociable, and Albert Froog, a sleezy antique dealer, who would be at home in any Charles Dickens novel. Even though the Jefferson Files begin in the 19th Century, it’s not long before we are transported to the 21st Century. This technique of telling the story by cross-cutting between centuries allows Herman to explore his secondary theme, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I recommend this book with only one caveat, do not start to read it if you want to accomplish anything else that day!“……Alan Pepper

I Highly Recommend!

“It is rare that you read fiction and you are so engaged in the historical elements of it that it inspires you to read more on the topic and feel as engaged in the story as the characters are in the novel! This book takes you to many locations, and many times throughout history, near and far, and yet the author has done a really excellent job making it all make sense. It’s a real testament to his writing ability that as a reader the story comes together so clearly, whether you’re in the 1800’s or 1900’s. And how cool that even though this book touches on parts of real American history, it all felt like it was newly discovered nuggets, and the fictional story was so tense and exciting that I didn’t know how it could possibly end? I highly recommend”..Brit Chik

Gripping, Fast Moving

I found myself immediately struck by the story and loved how Herman sprinkled in historical facts. It is fast-moving; I feel like I truly devoured this story! Herman is an excellent writer with a great attention to detail. This is a great read for young adults looking to learn more about Thomas Jefferson and the politics of secret societies as well as adults interested in murder mysteries! I’ve recommended this book to many friends!…..A. H.